2015 Sponsorship Opportunities with the Davis Chamber

Chamber Luncheons Sponsor Cost
April NFBRC $200
May Holiday Inn $200
June OPEN $200
August OPEN $200
September Hampton Inn $200
October Costco $200
November OPEN $200
December OPEN $200
WIB Luncheons Sponsor Cost
April Dartside $150
May Costco $150
June Davis Hospital $150
August Planet Beach (Clinton) $150
September Davis County $150
October CNS Nursing $150
November Davis Hospital $150
December N/A $150
Legislative Affairs Sponsor Cost
May OPEN $250
June OPEN $250
August OPEN $250
September OPEN $250
October OPEN $250
November OPEN $250
December OPEN $250
Board of Governors Sponsor Cost
February Wasatch Waste Managment BOG Only
April PARC BOG Only
June Lagoon BOG Only
August OPEN BOG Only
October OPEN BOG Only
December OPEN BOG Only
New Member Orientation Sponsor Cost
February Texas Roadhouse $150
June OPEN $150
August OPEN $150
November OPEN $150
Business Alliance Luncheons Sponsor Cost
January-June Boondocks Venue
July-December OPEN Venue
Advertising   Cost
Email - Newsletter OPEN May-Sep $200 /month
Email - All Other Emails OPEN May-Sep $200 /month
Website Banner OPEN $125 /month
Texting OPEN $125 /month