Nathan Rich

Executive Board
Phone: (801) 614-5600

Nathan Rich obtained a Masters Degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Utah and a Masters Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Utah.

Nathan been employed in various mining operations throughout the Western United States and Alaska. He worked as an environmental engineer and project manager for Bingham Environmental from 1994 to 1999.

He was hired by Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District in 1999 and has served as Executive Director since 2001. He has overseen the installation of pollution control upgrades at the District’s waste to energy facility, the completion of a joint landfill gas to energy project with the U.S. Air Force, construction and operation of a green waste recycling program, and household hazardous waste and recycle drop off facilities.

Nathan's Chamber Testimonial

I became involved in the Davis Chamber Legislative Affairs Committee as a way to access and participate in our State legislative process. Over time I found myself drawn into the larger Chamber community through the outstanding relationships that were naturally formed with committee members. I now find the connections and relationships to the broader community which have come from active participation in the Chamber to be invaluable to me personally and to my organization.

Nathan Rich
Executive Director of Wasatch Integrated Waste