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Chamber Mission

The mission of the Davis Chamber of Commerce is to advance business prosperity by:
  - uniting the business community,
  - providing business advocacy, and
  - promoting a vibrant economy.

The premier business organization in Davis County, the Davis Chamber of Commerce offers its members an unparalleled opportunity to invest in the community as well as their own future success.  Chamber members become part of a strong network of businesses committed to the sustained growth and prosperity of the entire area.  In addition, they gain access to an impressive group of businesses offering invaluable expertise and advise, proven experience, and tremendous support.  This website is Produced in cooperation with The Economic Development Corporation of Utah.

Traditionally it had been my impression the Chambers primary purpose was serving and supporting for -profit businesses. Once PARC joined the Davis Chamber as a non-profit organization (business), I found we had a place and the Chamber was not only serving for-profit businesses.

I found all Chamber members were integrated together with common interest and goals. This was demonstrated by the various activities and committees the Chamber organized and sponsored, such as Military Affairs, Legislative Affairs, Women in Business, and other committees. They create and organize special forums to exchange information and share with their luncheons, golf tournaments, and annual awards banquet.

The Davis Chamber does a very effective job of enriching the communities and quality of life for all of us and our local communities.

-- Robert P. Daniels, CEO of PARC

For me, the Davis Chamber has been the forum that I need to develop relationships that expand my leadership.

I am an Introvert by nature and find it difficult to reach out and build relationships with others in most of my work and community forums. The Davis Chamber has given me the opportunity to work with other great leaders in smaller and more personal venues. Through these venues I have been able to get to know these great community leaders at a deeper level. I have walked away from these meetings always having gained insight on how I can be a more effective leader. I have built friendships that have allowed me to contact these leaders at times that I sought insight and perspective. They have freely shared their thoughts with me and helped me see things in a different light.

I will always be thankful to the Chamber for providing this opportunity to connect, learn, expand, and improve myself as a leader and my hospital as a resource to the community.

-- Rand Kerr, CEO of Lakeview Hospital

There are a few basic core elements that make a community home. On that list is certainly a vibrant economy to support business and sustain a viable family income.

The Davis Chamber of Commerce provides a unique opportunity for concerned business leaders to unite behind, advocate for, and promote the prosperity of our community.

We not only work in this community, but we live here and are raising our families here and their future and opportunity depends on the foundation we lay for them.

-- Mike Jensen, CEO of Davis Hospital and Medical Center

My experience with the Davis Chamber has helped me understand and see the business fabric of Davis County more clearly. Whether that fabric be private, public, or government – the fabric is dynamic, growing and sustainable.

The unique thing about the business fabric is the people! I’ve developed personal relationships with chamber members from big to small business, from established to new start-ups, from thriving to struggling. . .

The common thread I’ve found in this business fabric is:

Normal people with everyday challenges who bring extraordinary insights, solutions, and true friendship to the table.

After Chamber events, I return to work more motivated, more confident, more determined to make a difference with our customers (students of local employers) and our employees.

I thank the great members of the Chamber for making me better.

-- Jay Greaves, Vice President of Instruction, Davis Applied Technology College